Night Fishing Tips

The Best Night Fishing Tips

Welcome to Apex Fishing Tips, this section of our website is about fishing during the nighttime and how to catch fish at night. Night fishing is a popular fishing method used by anglers to catch fish after the sun has set. This web page is going to help improve your night fishing skills and help you catch bigger fish, more often.

Below you'll find 8 night fishing tips that will help improve your knowledge of night fishing and your success at catching fish. Fishing at night is a great way to catch a wide variety of fish that are active at night. You'll also be able to avoid the hot sun, insects and other anglers. Continue down below to learn how to night fish.

In addition to 8 night fishing tips, we have a checklist of all the fishing gear and tackle you'll need to go night fishing. You'll also find some awesome pictures of other people night fishing from around the world. If you need more resources and information on night fishing, you'll find it at the bottom of this web page.

8 Night Fishing Tips

  1. Fishing at night is a great way to catch game fish that are nocturnal. Several game fish that can be caught at night, like carp, catfish and walleye. Some game fish primarily use their sight for hunting and can be caught at night with a full moon, like bass, pike, trout and perch. You'll also be able to avoid the hot sun, crowded shorelines and some bugs.
  2. Don't be late for your fishing date. We always recommend anglers arrive to their fishing spot about an hour before the sun goes down. This ensures you can find your fishing spot before it gets to dark and get everything setup. There is nothing more frustrating then trucking through vegetation with all your fishing gear. You'll have the fun of doing that when you pack up and go home.
  3. Dress for success when going night fishing. Remember, without the sun it could be significantly colder at night. Bring warm cloths that can cover most of your body (think insects). If you're worries about being hot, just pack some extra cloths with all your other fishing gear, better safe than sorry.
  4. Night fishing requires the use of some fishing gear you wouldn't need during the daytime. If you're fishing with bobbers, we recommend you get the ones that can hold mini glowsticks. Avoid bobbers that glow-in-the-dark, they don't keep their glow long enough. If you're fishing on the bottom, you'll want to use bells that attach to the tip of your fishing rod. Along with or instead of bells you might want to use fishing rod tips that can hold mini glowsticks.
  5. Grab a lure and make some noise. If you're going to be using lures during the nighttime, you'll want ones that make noise. This will attract predatory fish and increase your chances of catching them. Be sure to test different combinations of lures and colors. Ultimately, try to use lures that mimic bait fish that live in the water where you're fishing.
  6. Make sure you bring plenty of illumination. A lot of anglers don't realize how dark it can get, especially on a moonless night. Make sure you bring a head lamp, a hanging lantern, a pole for your hanging lantern and extra batteries. You'll need plenty of light when dealing with sharp hooks and complex fishing knots. Plus, certain species of fish, like walleye who can bite or catfish who can sting, need to be illuminated when you're removing the hook.
  7. It's important to make sure you can fish at night wherever you're fishing. Many of the places that anglers' fish are owned by the state, county or city that they are in. Whichever jurisdiction owns that body of water may have times when you can and cannot fish. To avoid a hefty fine, make sure night fishing is allowed wherever you're fishing.
  8. Watch out for the nightlife when you're fishing at night, especially if you're deep in the woods. Owls and nocturnal hawks will gladly snatch a fish from you. Predators like coyotes, wolves and bears might be attracted to your site if you leave fish and other foods laying around.

About Night Fishing

About Night Fishing

Night fishing is a great method for fishing if you want to avoid the hot sun and other anglers. Many popular game fish are nocturnal (active at night) and hunt bait fish at night. You'll need to make sure wherever you go night fishing that it's allowed. Many public fishing locations have hours limiting when you can and cannot fish.

You can catch quite a few different species of game fish at night. Many anglers target bass, catfish, musky and walleye when they're night fishing. Some panfish will even bite at night if it's a full moon. Some of the best fishing experiences and record catches happen after the sun has set.

Night Fishing Checklist

The below night fishing checklist has the fishing gear and tackle you might need when fishing during the nighttime.

Night Fishing Pictures

Night fishing out on a lake

A picture of someone night fishing in a lake, under the moon.
(Credit: jkg3home / Flickr)

A nice largemouth bass caught while night fishing

A picture of a fish caught while night fishing in a lake.
(Credit: Michael Whitacre / Flickr)

Night fishing off of a pier

A picture of a young man night fishing off of a pier.
(Credit: langgarn / Flickr)

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