A picture of a largemouth bass that was caught in a pond

Fishing Tips for Fish Species

This section of the Apex Fishing Tips website contains fishing tips for many different species of fish. We've gathered and tested fishing tips for all the popular game fish in North America, including largemouth bass, crappie and catfish. In addition to fishing tips, we provide you with detailed information about each game fish and some awesome pictures of anglers who caught them. If that's not enough, you'll love reading about the current all-tackle world fishing records for every game fish listed below. Plus, we give you access to additional resources that can help you fulfil your density as a grandmaster angler.

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Catching some of North America's most popular game fish can be very exciting. The fishing tips in this section will help you become a more successful angler. We would like you to remember that its important to follow all local fishing regulations and laws. All the popular game fish have daily creel limits and minimum length requirements. For all you anglers just starting out, a daily creel limit is the number of a specific species of fish you're allowed to remove in one day of fishing. The minimum length requirement is the minimum length required to remove a fish and if its under the requirements you need to release it.

In addition to daily creel limits and minimum length requirements it's important you have an up to date fishing license. The fees you pay for a fishing license go towards fish stocking programs and the care of water resources. Please, if you don't plan to consume the fish you catch, release them. Catch and release is vital to fish populations and helps keep them at a health level. If you want a memento of the fish you caught, take a picture of it. If you want to create a mount of a fish you caught, take clear pictures of every side and take length, width and girth measurements. Catch and release allows that fish a chance to spawn again and gives another angler a chance at catching it!